Adobe Project Rush

Adobe have just announced their latest video editing app aimed at mobile content creators, making use of the technology powering Premiere Pro. This “all-in-one” app allows creators to shoot professional quality video, edit, grade and add motion graphics all from their tablet or smartphone. 

The original announcement left much to the imagination, although they have provided more detail about the app’s functionality in a recent blog post. Firstly they state that creators can capture footage through Project Rush with the same level of control as existing camera apps. Apps such as FiLMiC Pro have been popular with iPhone videographers/filmmakers for a while due to the advanced manual capture controls so it will be great to see similar features built into an editing app.

Final Cut Pro X users may find the interface fairly familiar with simple controls and a large, drag and drop timeline to allow users to focus on creativity rather than technicality.  Project Rush will also make use of the Adobe Audition technology to allow basic audio editing/fixing, something that previous video editing apps have been missing.

To colour correct/grade video clips, creators can make use of the provided filters, which social media users will already be comfortable with using. If they want to take their level of control further, there is also advanced colour correction, powered by Premiere Pro.

Adobe’s “motion graphics templates” will allow creators to add dynamic titles to their video content, accessible via the integrated Adobe Stock feature. In their blog post, they state that “you’ll have access to a constant stream of new, free Motion Graphics templates” through Adobe Stock, although chances are there will also be premium templates available.

Projects will automatically sync to the cloud, allowing users to start a project on their phone during their daily commute and continue the project on their laptop when they arrive to the office on the desktop version of Project Rush. If that’s not enough, thumbnails can be created, post can be scheduled and published to various social media platforms within the App.

Personally, I think the simplicity of Project Rush will inevitably empower social media based content creators to produce fantastic quality videos, but it will never be a substitute for professionally captured and edited video content.

If you want to get involved, apply for the Project Rush beta here.