Glen Symes

videography & editing


2018 Showreel

Glen Symes Profile

Providing exciting and engaging video coverage.

Whether you're throwing an incredible event, have a great story to tell or an inspiring idea to share, you'll want people to know about it.

I am a fly-on-the-wall style Videographer who specialises in capturing special moments to create naturally watchable, shareable content.

I have a strong belief that important messages should be heard, seen and shared, which is why I offer an accessible service to enable any business small or large to shout about what they're doing, the value they bring and what they are putting into the world.

Recent Projects

Here are the latest and greatest video projects I've worked on.

Vocology In Practice, Metropolis

This project involved capturing the ACM tutor's experiences of the Vocology in Practice seminar at Metropolis Studios, London. The video consists of traditional pieces to camera with handheld-style B-Roll to create a sense of involvement.

35,000 miles around the world

In April 2018 Henry Crew embarked on his solo motorcycle trip around the world to raise money for the Movember Foundation. As part of the social media campaign, I shot an interview with Charley Boorman and exciting B-Roll of Henry on his motorcycle. This was then edited into various formats for each social media platform.

Neon Islands at The Koko, Camden

This video features ACM band Neon Islands as they perform to a sell out crowd at a Networking event in London. This is a great example of what can be captured by a single shooter in a run and gun situation.


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